Frequently asked questions

Why go through FundCapitol instead of applying a loan from the financial institutions directly?

Financial institutions have similar but ultimately different underwriting criteria when it comes to assessing the same loan application. At FundCapitol, we work closely with major banks and financial institutions to have an intimate understanding of their respective preferences. As a result, we are able to route your applications to banks and financial institutions which are most likely to result in an approval, thereby saving you time and sparing you the anguish of any potential unsuccessful applications​​.

Can FundCapitol guarantee approval of all the cases it undertakes?

It is in the interest of FundCapitol to do its utmost to secure approvals of any applications going through it. Applications through FundCapitol also raise the odds of approval because of our intimate understanding of the various financial institutions' underwriting standards and preferences. However, ultimately the approval of any loan applications is determined by the financial institutions' credit policies and the merits of the applications. Hence FundCapitol is unable to provide any guarantee of approval.

What kind of credit facilities can FundCapitol help to secure from the financial institutions?

  • FundCapitol works with banks and financial institutions to extend the following banking facilities:
  • Mortgages for residential, commercial and industrial properties for both individual and corporate borrowers
  • Enterprise Singapore SME Working Capital Loan
  • Enterprise Singapore SME Micro Loan
  • Business term loan
  • Trade finance
  • Factoring
  • Loan against property
  • Hire purchase/Equipment financing
  • General credit facilities for working capital​
  • Crowdfunding
  • Private loan

Why would the financial institutions work with FundCapitol?

Banks would work with FundCapitol for the following reasons:

  • FundCapitol is founded by former SME bankers who have an intimate knowledge of SME banking
  • FundCapitol acts as an additional reliable channel for the financial institutions to reach out to their target customers
  • Fund​Capitol understands the credit underwriting criteria of various financial institutions it works with and would only refer cases which are likely to meet these criteria

What are the documents that are required for submission?

For corporate facilities, the following documents are required for preliminary assessment:

  • Latest bank statements of the previous 6 months
  • Financial statements of the previous 2 years
For personal facilities, the following documents are required for preliminary assessment:
  • Payslip for the last 3 months
  • Latest notice of assessment of last 2 years
For property loans, additional details about the property such as address, size and lease of the property are required Once preliminary assessment is completed, additional documents are required but this depends on the following factors:
  • Type of facilities applied
  • Complexity of the application
  • Requirements of the respective banks

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